The Picture Of Dorian Gray

Professional UK tour by SNAP Theatre Company of The Picture Of Dorian Gray

The Picture Of Dorian Gray” – Stage Play (Adaptation)
From the novel by Oscar Wilde.
UK national tour in 1997 by SNAP Theatre Company.
Company:    SNAP Theatre Company
M 5, F 5   Some doubling possible.

The portrait takes on all the sins of Dorian Gray, and the image slowly changes, as his wickedness and self-indulgence combine, into that of an old, lined man. It is only a matter of time before the wages of sin have to be paid! An atmospheric comic drama, including some of Oscar Wilde’s biting aphorisms, set in the 1890′s.

Currently unpublished. Contact Roger to obtain a reading copy, and for royalty details

Amateur World Premiere of Roger Parsley's adaptation

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