Sons And Lovers

Professional production of Roger Parsley's adaptation of Sons and Lovers

Sons And Lovers” -  Stage Play (Adaptation)
From the novel by D.H.Lawrence
1st Produced:  UK national tour by SNAP Theatre Company in 2002 Amateur U.K. production planned for 2012, and a London run  later this year (with an exciting twist!) is in preparation…..
M 3, F3

Gertrude, trapped in a sterile marriage, focuses all her passion, her hopes, and her expectations on her son Paul. He, in turn, struggles to find his own way, looking for love with both Miriam and Clara, only to discover that his mother’s influence on his life kills all other passion. Based on what is often considered as the first great psychological novel.

Currently unpublished. Contact Roger to obtain a reading copy, and for royalty details.

Preview of amateur production of Sons & Lovers

One of several amateur productions of Sons & Lovers

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