East Of Eden

East Of Eden” – Stage Play (Adaptation)
From the novel by John Steinbeck
UK national tour by SNAP Theatre Company in 1995
East Anglian tour by Transaction Theatre in 2007
M 4, F 2

This play is based on the last third of John Steinbeck’s great novel, and focuses on the inner turmoil of the moody Cal, and his search for love both within and without his family. The story that made James Dean famous!

The Amateur Premiere, directed by Roger, was performed at the Sewell Barn Theatre, in Norwich March 24th-April 2nd, 2011. Review quotes: “gripping, powerful and moving” “Excellent amateur premiere”
Unpublished. Please contact Roger to obtain a reading copy

Royalty details from: Michael Callahan, Josef Weinberger Limited. 12-14 Mortimer Street, London W1T 3JJ  (+44) 020-7927-7322 e-mail: michaelc@jwmail.co.uk

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