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Animal Farm is getting a run at the Seattle Public Theatre in Seattle Washington this year.  This is a school production.  This same play is being considered for a tour by Northern Stage in the UK.

My two schools’ pieces – Panto Pandemonium and Jesus’ Christmas Party - are still proving popular, both in the UK and other countries, I am very pleased to say!

The Go-Between had a run in Norwich recently, directed by me – a very successful production.

Several companies have shown an interest in Maurice, and there are possibilities of productions in New York and in the UK.

I will try to update more frequently from now on!









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Playing a waiting game!

Well, it’s a while since I added a new post, so any blog followers must have moved on to more interesting sites by now! I thought I’d better let the world know that “Brave New World” in Norwich didn’t happen, as an actor pulled out after rehearsals had started, and there was no time to replace him in what was a key role. Thus, I have had a bit more free time, though I’ve not been entirely idle. Carole and I are “doing” our flat (very nearly everything moved, replaced, re-sited, painted, etc., etc.) We hope all will be done in about a month from now! Things have not been entirely quiet on the writing/work front, however, and several productions are likely or happening  in the U.S., U.K., Israel, and Australia. Two new pieces are “in development” (both with Andy) and we’ll be looking for tours, runs, whatever, probably in 2015. My football team got themselves relegated this last season, so life in the Championship beckons – my fingers are crossed (which does make typing this difficult) for a successful season starting in a few weeks – Premiership, here we come(again!)

I hope to be adding more news of productions, etc., in a few weeks…..


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Brave new World production is announced, but are there any Asian composers out there??

At last I can announce that the production I am directing for the Sewell Barn Company here in Norwich for next season will be my version of Huxley’s seminal novel “BRAVE NEW WORLD”. With (very) recent announcements regarding a breakthrough in cloning techniques, making it technically possible to create human body parts in a laboratory, that “brave” new world is upon us, and we shall have some ethically muddy waters to negotiate in the next few years – this makes the warnings implied in the novel and the play doubly relevant, so I am delighted that the “story” will get an airing on the Barn stage in April, 2014. Auditions are in November. My son Tom and a.n.other will be writing the music for this production.
Meanwhile, Andy (Graham) and I are still looking for someone who can write the Punk/Asian mix of music that we need for our project to develop our play version of Hanif Kureishi’s “My Beautiful Laundrette” into a musical. In its play format, it will be seen this autumn in San Francisco, and we’re just waiting for the right person to take our ideas for the new version to new heights!
Excited that the football (“Soccer” to American readers!) season is only a few weeks away. Hope it’s a good one for my beloved Canaries!
Andy and I recently completed our new stage version of D.H.Lawrence’s “SONS AND LOVERS” – and we’re looking for a company to give it a run-out. It’s a VERY different take from the version I did some years ago, and which toured successfully and has had two other run-outs (Scripts available to anyone interested!). With the new version, we started with the question, “What if the lead character, Paul Morel, had been gay?” The result was a play, yet to be given its debut, which we called “PAUL”. It needs an airing – anyone out there like to give it a shot??

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Duetting for one and things in the pipeline….

Thoroughly enjoyed directing “Duet For One” for the Maddermarket Theatre here in Norwich – splendid, hard-working cast, super script, and a change to be directing someone else’s work rather than one of my own!
Several things in the pipeline (as usual!) including directing for the Sewell Barn Theatre here in Norwich next year (one of mine…which one? Not allowed to say, yet!)
A possibility that one of my adaptations may be turned into a musical (a German composer is interested – watch this space for further details….”Brideshead” might be seen in the States….several companies have indicated interest in “Maurice”….”My Beautiful Laundrette” is to run in San Francisco later this year …..the musical version of MBL may be on the way…we’re still looking for Asian composers!….Andy (Graham) and I are planning a tour in the U.K. starting Sept 2014 – Title and other details to be announced!…..

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MAURICE opens this week – Australia next??

Had a 7-hour (!) Technical yesterday for my own production of “MAURICE”, which has its Amateur Premiere here in Norwich at the Sewell Barn Theatre ( opens Thursday!) Here’s hoping for a rather smoother couple of runs before we hit the Dress on Wednesday! I had an enquiry about that title from Australia – possible tour down under? Watch this space, as they say!!……. Good win for the Canaries at the weekend in the F.A. Cup – not dreaming of Wembley quite yet, though! Hope a new striker may be on the way…..Domestically things are also busy – Carole and I are moving furniture out and in tomorrow, meanwhile I’m nailing clocks to walls (not your subtle DIY, but that’s not my style!)

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“MAURICE” Rehearsals begin, and there’s a wedding on the horizon!

We start on the Sewell Barn Theatre (Norwich) production of “MAURICE” tonight – the amateur premiere. (Show dates  10th-19th January 2013) We’ll be doing some “in rehearsal” photo’s for the theatre foyer, and then we’ll get down to exploring the text. Meanwhile, preparations are well advanced for another “show”…..Carole and I get married in eight days’ time – very exciting! Looking forward to a very happy day, with all my four sons in attendance – three guitars, a song specially composed for the occasion, lovely venue, and we have special permission for a photo shoot in Norwich Cathedral by Osbert Parsley’s tomb (“The Singing Man” of the 16th Century – basically what we would now call a choirmaster – whose music and settings of psalms are still used today.)

2013 looks exciting, with several productions of my stuff planned, and I’ll be directing “Duet for One” by Tom Kempinski (a favourite of mine) for the Maddermarket Theatre (perfs April/May 2013)

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“MY BEAUTIFUL LAUNDRETTE” in San Francisco,”MAURICE” rehearsals soon….

Just heard from Ed Decker (who directed the highly-successful U.S. premiere production of “Maurice”) that he plans to mount a production of Andy and I’s stage version of Hanif Kureishi’s “MY BEAUTIFUL LAUNDRETTE” at the New Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco next year (November/December) Excited by that!

Here in the U.K., the Amateur premiere of “MAURICE” begins rehearsals on 15th November (run from 10th -19th January 2013 – me directing) while the planning for a professional U.K. tour of the same title (to begin in September, 2013) is in progress. Several other of my titles are being considered for production – of these, more anon!

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“ROOM” opens in Vancouver – “MAURICE” auditions, etc.

I’s Auditions Day on Sunday (9th Sept) for the Amateur premiere of “MAURICE” (run in January, 2013)  which I will be directing for the Sewell Barn Theatre, in Norwich. (The theatre is based in the barn where Anna Sewell’s aunt once kept a black stallion. The writer conceived the classic “Black Beauty” as a result of visits there.) I’m looking forward to getting started on rehearsals in November – we’ve already got the  setting ideas in outline, and the adrenaline is flowing!

Much further afield, the Toronto run of “A ROOM WITH A VIEW” began with a preview last night – I’m looking forward to reviews!

I’m still waiting for the details of proposed runs of “BRAVE NEW WORLD”  (Birmingham, U.K.) “BRIDESHEAD REVISITED” (U.S.A.) “EAST OF EDEN” (Edinburgh and U.S.A.) “HOWARDS END” (Birmingham, U.K.) while the U.K. tour of “MAURICE” is still on track for next September (including, we hope, a London run!)

My football team has made a reasonably encouraging start(apart from the first away game where we were totally outplayed!) under their new manager, but the next few weeks will hopefully show that we are making progress!

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Updates and news…..

Focus lately has been on my son Tom’s wedding, which takes place this week (27th July) but I have had a few other things to focus on, including the early design work for the production of “MAURICE” here in Norwich (Jan, 2013)
Further afield, there are several of my pieces “on the go”, including the U.S. premiere of “ANIMAL FARM” (Actors Playhouse production) and a Birmingham (U.K.) production of the same piece, while we’re still awaiting Estate permission for a run of “BRIDESHEAD REVISITED” in California. There is a proposed tour (starting at the Edinburgh Festival) of “East Of Eden” (and other possibilities for this title)…
“HOWARDS END” may have a U.S. outing soon, and there are numerous proposals for the touring/production of “MAURICE” in the U.K. and beyond……”MY BEAUTIFUL LAUNDRETTE” is also attracting interest from various companies in the U.K., U.S., and India – more news soon!
Andy and I are still waiting for proposals for our new (gay) version of “Sons And Lovers” – “PAUL” – and “A ROOM WITH A VIEW” will have its Canadian debut in Vancouver in September this year.
All in all, an exciting time to come, work – wise, and with the Premier Football season just around the corner, there’s an intriguing year ahead!

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Off this p.m. to meet with the A.D.’s of a local Amateur Theatre company to discuss the World Amateur premiere of “Maurice” – the run will be in Norwich, in January, 2013. Other things in the pipeline, planned, talked about, or being considered, include the U.S. premiere of my “take” on Animal Farm, an amateur run of Howards End, a Canadian production of A Room With A View, a Birmingham (U.K.) run of Brave New World, and a run of Howards End in the U.S.A., and there’s a possibility that Helen Tennison (whose company is currently touring Sense And Sensibility to great acclaim, will be taking another title of mine (or mine and Andy’s! ) on the road in 2013….More news anon….

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